a cool thing

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images associated with my del.icio.us tags are here:

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okay, time to try something a bit fancier now...

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trying out a new tool

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Okay, this is a test post trying out something which is supposed to allow del.icio.us tags to be combined with (or read as, I'm not sure exactly what it does yet) technorati tags. So anyway, here goes nothing:

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wyddyrschynnys vs. palaver

@ 09:32 PM (106 months, 25 days ago)
The word palaver came up amidst the palaver the other day, though no one knew exactly what it meant until I googled it for a definition. Idle chatter. Therefore, I now know that I'm much more of a wyddyrschynnys guy than a palaver guy. Now if you were to google and look at the cache for wyddyrschynnys you'll find that I've already posted this fact, but that blog is no longer extant or available, which I'm still bummed about. But, nothing like the death of your best friend to put the loss of your blog in perspective, right? Rick was definitely a wyddyrschynnys guy as opposed to a palaver guy as well (probably an introvert vs. extrovert thing and/or a rebel vs. conformer thing, but who knows) Rick, I figure you owe me an hour's conversation for every day that passes between the time I last saw you and the time I see you next, with no palaver allowed, and that's just to make amends for leaving me behind. I hope you are playing happily in the realm of the cosmic Hendrix now, but still... I still can't listen to Hendrix's compilation album Blues much except on special occasions. Okay, so you owe me big time for that also, Rick. We'll have to settle up eventually. You were always good about that, though. I really miss you, man. Good friends are not easy for me to come by and best friends harder still to find. Oh, yeah, the spirulina might still be alive after all. My head cues up the bass intro to "Born Under a Bad Sign" as I write this...

my first post

@ 08:35 PM (106 months, 25 days ago)
well, here I am, trying out a new blog hosting service. Lately, I've been blogging at kucinichworldpeace and tagging with technorati and del.icio.us but I'm not totally happy with Blogger. In particular, I'd like to be able to do tagging more easily. So here I am, checking out BlogHi to see how it goes.